How Power BI is Changing Everything We Do at Seer

By Seer Interactive (other events)

Friday, November 2 2018 2:00 PM 5:00 PM EDT

When? Friday, November 2 ; Doors open at 1:30PM, Event from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM EST
Where? Seer Interactive HQ: 1033 N. 2nd St. Philadelphia PA

See What's Possible When You Transform Your Search Data to Finally Live Into the Promise of Big Data....

Power BI is the strategy integration tool digital marketers have been waiting for.  At Seer, we believe the best way to get teams to work together is by using their data.  Combining their data into one place forces conversations to happen and often reveals insights that aren't available in siloed data and execution. 

Ultimately, we're using Power BI to better understand our audience -- What are the problems they're trying to solve? How can you integrate data to understand their entire experience? How can you pull it all together to help them solve their problems?


What You’ll Learn:

  • How to make your SEO data talk to your PPC data at scale

  • How business intelligence can weigh into decision making

  • Power BI digital marketing templates that are easy and actionable 

  • Actionable data storytelling through advanced visualization

  • Pulling out insights that map to business questions/goals - How we've turned Power BI learnings directly into action for our clients 


Your Free RSVP Includes:

  • Actionable content from Microsoft's Power BI evangelists and Seer's Data Strategy Team

  • Networking with marketers like you, who want to figure out how to better help people

  • On site happy hour and appetizers provided by Microsoft



  • 1:30 to 2:00 PM: Registration
  • 2:00 to 4:00 PM: Presentations
  • 4:00 to 5:00 PM: Happy hour, appetizers, and networking




  • Wil Reynolds, Director of Strategy @ Seer Interactive


  • Adam Saxton, Power BI, Principal Program Manager @ Microsoft
  • Matt Wohlmacher, Bing, Account Manager @ Microsoft
  • Lisa Devieux, Data Strategist, Sr. SEO Manager @ Seer Interactive
  • Audrey Bloemer, Data Strategist, Sr. Paid Media Team Lead @ Seer Interactive


Can't Wait? Here's How You Can Get Started with Power BI TODAY:

Wil Reynold's Power BI Basics for SEO & PPC Marketers on YouTube

What You’ll Learn in Lesson 1:

  • Benefits of PowerBI (and a few limitations, too)
  • How to Create Relationships Between Organic and Paid Data Sets
  • Some Problems You May Encounter & How to Troubleshoot

What You’ll Learn in Lesson 2:

  • How to Find + Interpret Cross-Channel Insights
  • Creating Great Visuals to Simply Big Data
  • How to Use Data to Tell a Story That Your Client or Boss Can Understand

What You’ll Learn in Lesson 2.5:

  • How to Make Your Data Work For You (Slicers, Filters, Etc.)
  • How to Connect Opportunity to Real Marketing Dollars

What You’ll Learn in Lesson 3:

  • How to clook at your competitors at scale
  • Creating relationships between the Search Query Report and Top Ranking Keywords
  • Creating Tree Maps to look at tens of thousands of competitors at once

What You’ll Learn in Lesson 4:

  • Categorizing converting keywords
  • Analyzing a click profile
  • Grouping conversions and impressions
  • Adding new columns based on conditions

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1033 N 2nd St, Philadelphia PA, 19123